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Williams & Hussey Knives


Williams and Hussey knives have become more popular than ever with the introduction of the Shop Fox and Grizzly machines that use the same style knives. We have followed this trend and offer a great selection of knives in this format. Knives can be cut, cleaned, and balanced as a set for your convenience.

We have added a new item in this line of knives that we feel will be very popular with many woodworkers. It is corrugated back Williams & Hussey steel which can be used in both the Williams & Hussey machines and a standard corrugated knife head. This will give you flexibility to run your knives on your Williams & Hussey Moulder, a production moulder, or your shaper.

Smooth back is square edge steel with Williams and Hussey Holes and corrugated back has a 40 beveled edge with Williams and Hussey Holes.

      M2 Smooth D2 Smooth M2 Corrugated
Thickness Width Length Part # Part # Part #
1/4" 1.75" 25" SWH-25175 SWHD-25175 SWH-25175C
1/4" 2.00" 25" SWH-25200 SWHD-25200 SWH-25200C
1/4" 2.25" 25" SWH-25225 SWHD-25225 SWH-25225C
1/4" 2.50" 25" SWH-25250 SWHD-25250 SWH-25250C
1/4" 2.75" 25" SWH-31275    

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