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Surfacing Knife Heads


Quick-Lock Moulder Heads

Spiral Insert Surfacing Heads

Quick-Lock Moulder Heads

Quick Lock Knife Installation Diagram

Quick-Lock Moulder heads offer the feature to surface and or profile your material at the same time. Using a combination of planer knives and pre-profiled carbide inserts that can be slide into position to produce eased edges, bevels, and various back out grooves. These heads have 4 to 6 knife pockets. Precision made from light weight 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized Red for resistance to wear. Designed & balanced for up to 8000 rpm. Knives can be installed & locked in seconds. Planer knives have two wear edges and are offered in T1-HSS or C3 Micro-grain carbide for long wear life. They 100% compatible with your existing Terminus tooling.

Key Benefits include:

Quick Knife Setup.
No Resharpening Needed.
Long Tool Life Carbide.
Affordable Replacement Knives.
Extraordinary Surface Finish.
Light Weight Aluminum Alloy.


4+2 Profiling & Surfacing Heads

These heads are designed to surface and profile. With 4 quick change straight knives per head and 2 pockets for profiling knives these heads provide ease of use and beautiful finishes.

Cutting Cuttng Bore Part
Diameter Length Sizes #
125mm 60mm 1.5" or 40mm QL-125-4-60
125mm 100mm 1.5" or 40mm QL-125-4-100
125mm 130mm 1.5" or 40mm QL-125-4-130
125mm 150mm 1.5" or 40mm QL-125-4-150
125mm 230mm 1.5" or 40mm QL-125-4-230
140mm 230mm 1.813" or 2.125" QL-140-4-230
140mm 240mm 1.813" or 2.125" QL-140-4-240

2+2+2 Profiling and Surfacing Heads


The ultimate system for efficiency and versatility. Our redesigned Quick-Lock heads offer a total of 6-knife pockets; two surfacing knives, two pockets for profile knives, and two additional pockets that accept profile knife holders and low cost inserts for profiles. Our heads and knives are 100% compatible with your existing Terminus tooling.

Cuttng Cutting Bore Part
Diameter Length Sizes #
125mm 100mm 1.50" QL-125-100-9300
125mm 150mm 1.50" QL-125-150-9300
125mm 180mm 1.50" QL-125-180-9300
125mm 230mm 1.50" QL-125-230-9300
125mm 240mm 1.50" QL-125-240-9300
125mm 100mm 40mm QL-125-100-9300-40
125mm 150mm 40mm QL-125-150-9300-40
125mm 180mm 40mm QL-125-180-9300-40
125mm 230mm 40mm QL-125-230-9300-40
125mm 240mm 40mm QL-125-240-9300-40
140mm 100mm 1-13/16" QL-140-100-9300
140mm 150mm 1-13/16" QL-140-150-9300
140mm 180mm 1-13/16" QL-140-180-9300
140mm 230mm 1-13/16" QL-140-230-9300
140mm 240mm 1-13/16" QL-140-240-9300

For Knives and Accessories for Quick-Lock Heads click here.

Spiral Insert Surfacing Heads

Spiral Insert Planing Heads

Quiet Cutting: Looking for a better option on surfacing heads? Spiral knife insert heads make constant contact with the material offering reduced cutting noise - typically 20 decibels less. Each long wearing carbide knife has four edges that can be turned four times before replacement. These heads improve material finishes on cross grain, lower long term tooling cost, and eliminate sharpening costs. Our spiral heads offer special radius edge inserts to reduce any chance of knife corners marking your material. Heads use 15x15x2.5 inserts.

Heads are made to order from 7071 high strength aircraft aluminum. Heads include a set of carbide knives ready to run. In addition a set of tools is included for turning and torquing the knives.

Cutting Cuttng Number of  Bore Part
Diameter Length Rows of Inserts Sizes #
100mm 50mm 4 1.25 MS10042
100mm 100mm 4 1.25 MS10044
100mm 150mm 4 1.25 MS10046
125mm 50mm 6 1.500" or 40mm MS12562
125mm 100mm 6 1.500" or 40mm MS12564
125mm 150mm 6 1.500" or 40mm MS12566
125mm 230mm 6 1.500" or 40mm MS12569
140mm 50mm 6 1.813" MS14062
140mm 100mm 6 1.813" MS14064
140mm 150mm 6 1.813" MS14066
140mm 230mm 6 1.813" MS14069
    T20 Torx Wrench MS-TW
    Spare Screws MS-KS615
    Spare Inserts 13320


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