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As a cutting tool manufacturer Carbide Specialties knows how cutting tools should be sharpened and repaired. Many sharpening services don't manufacture the tooling they sell. This leads to problems when the tools are returned for sharpening or repair such as miss ground teeth or dimensional errors.

Carbide Specialties offers a full service sharpening and repair service that is knowledgeable and precise. Using our CNC equipment we sharpen your tools the same way they were manufactured. Carbide Specialties can sharpen and repair any cutting tool even if we did not sell it.

Give us a try, you can count on us to provide excellent service that we always stand behind. Below is a basic list of our service capabilities.


Carbide saw blade grinding.

Saw Sharpening & Repair

Sharpening is only one of the saw repair services we offer. Our capabilities include but are not limited to tip replacement, regrinding, hammering, and machining such as bore changes.


Knife and Cutter Grinding

Knife, Router Bit, & Cutter Sharpening & Repair

Sharpening of planer, jointer, corrugated, Williams & Hussey, lock-edge shaper, and any type of knife used in the woodworking, plastics, or non-ferrous metals industries. Shaper cutter sharpening, re-tipping, test cutting, and repair.


Solid carbide spiral bit grinding.

Solid Spiral Bit Service & Repair

As a manufacturer of spiral flute tools we know the proper way to sharpen these tools for the best overall life and edge quality. We can also repoint broken or chipped bits.



And much, much, more.



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