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We Accept:


Stile & Rail Shaper Cutters


Cabinet Door Sets

Double Sided Cabinet Door Sets

Center Groover Sets

Eased Edge Sets




Cabinet Door Sets (6 Cutter Sets)

Mini-Pro Cutters:

  • 3 Wing

  • 2-15/16" Diameter

  • Run with 2-3/16" Rub Bearing (AM-90-035)

Pro-Line Cutters:

  • 3 Wing

  • 4" Diameter

  • Run with 3-1/4" Rub Bearing (AP-90-052)

Versatile and easy to use. These 6 cutter sets are designed to perform the standard stile and rail cuts shown as well as glass panel and straight tongue and groove. Our Standard sets cut 1/4"wide x 3/8" deep tongue and groove. Our common minor diameter requires no fence adjustment when changing from cope to pattern cuts (3/8" tongue only).
Counterclockwise rotation with wood fed face down.

For optional tongue and groove cutters and eased edge option see below.

Opposite rotation cutters are also available.


3/4" to 1-1/8" Material

1" to 1-3/8" Material

Double Sided Stile & Rail Sets


1" to 1-3/8" Material

Center Groover Sets (2 Piece Sets)
At time of purchase you may substitute the following tongue & groove cutters for the standard tongue & groove cutters in your cope and pattern set, at no additional charge.

Available on all M-50 and P-10 series cope & patterns.

Diameters will no longer be the same, requiring fence adjustment between cuts.

Optional Eased Edge Sets
 Eased edges are are available on all 10 and 50 series cope & patterns. Cannot do glass panel or tongue & groove without custom groovers.

Stile & Rail Stacking Instructions


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Stile & Rail Cutter Sets