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Knife-Lock System

Knife-Lock is a high precision carbide moulder knife system for millwork manufactures who cut glue lines, hardwoods, & Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF). The carbide knife locks on to and indexes up on a corrugated High Speed Steel backing support plate as it is re-sharpened. Polished to mirror finish, our C3 Micro Grain carbide knives offer finer material finishes and longer production runs while providing longer diamond grinding wheel wear. The backing plates are a one time purchase, only replacement carbide knives are needed as they are sharpened away. Our carbide knives are also 100% compatible with your existing backing plates. Knives and backing plates are CNC ground on creep feed crush grinders for precise locking, closer balance tolerances from knife to knife, and less initial grinding.

We can grind these knives to your profile. Click here to request a quote.

All Knives are 10mm thick with knife and support.

  38mm  50mm  60mm  65mm  70mm 
Knife (1-1/2") (2") (2-3/8") (2-9/16") (2-3/4")
Length Height Height Height Height Height
20mm 0.78" US203 US205 US206 US207 US208
30mm 1.18" US303 US305 US306 US307 US308
40mm 1.57" US403 US405 US406 US407 US408
50mm 1.96" US503 US505 US506 US507 US508
60mm 2.36" US603 US605 US606 US607 US608
70mm 2.75" US703 US705 US706 US707 US708
80mm 3.14" US803 US805 US806 US807 US808
90mm 3.54" US903 US905 US906 US907 US908
100mm 3.93" US1003 US1005 US1006 US1007 US1008
110mm 4.33" US1103 US1105 US1106 US1107 US1108
120mm 4.72" US1203 US1205 US1206 US1207 US1208
130mm 5.11" US1303 US1305 US1306 US1307 US1308
140mm 5.51" US1403 US1405 US1406 US1407 US1408
150mm 5.90" US1503 US1505 US1506 US1507 US1508
160mm 6.29" US1603 US1605 US1606 US1607 US1608
170mm 6.69" US1703 US1705 US1706 US1707 US1708
180mm 7.08" US1803 US1805 US1806 US1807 US1808
190mm 7.48" US1903 US1905 US1906 US1907 US1908
200mm 7.87" US2003 US2005 US2006 US2007 US2008
210mm 8.26" US2103 US2105 US2106 US2107 US2108
220mm 8.66" US2203 US2205 US2206 US2207 US2208
230mm 9.05" US2303 US2305 US2306 US2307 US2308
240mm 9.45" US2403 US2405 US2406 US2407 US2408
250mm 9.84" US2503 US2505 US2506 US2507 US2508
310mm 12.2" US3103 US3105 US3106 US3107 US3108

For carbide knife only add "C" to part number.

For steel backer only add "B" to part number.



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- Knife-Lock System