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About Freud's Silver I.C.E.™

( Industrial Cooling Element)



Silver I.C.E.™ (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating is a revolutionary coating that resists heat twice as long as standard polished blades. The shiny, mirror-like Silver I.C.E.™ Coating protects the blade from heat stress that can cause rapid loss of tension, which in turn causes blade warp, overheating, and poor cut quality. Additionally, the coating reduces the possibility for corrosion, resin, or pitch build-up, which further reduces the heat element responsible for drag on the motor.

Freud now has advanced and expanded the Silver I.C.E.™ Coating process to include a version for every Commercial – Industrial saw blade that is manufactured. The multi-million dollar process now includes enough volume to produce coated blades in every blade manufactured. Freud’s newest evolution of coating is now much more vibrant with an improved polished appearance resulting in even better thermal reduction properties and eliminates pitch build-up and body corrosion.

A reduction of pitch build-up further reduces the heat element, so the machine does not get bogged down. Not only will the end user see a better quality of cut but they will realize a benefit of less machine maintenance as well.

The thermal barrier of the coating allows the plate to remain cool and consistent throughout its life and sharpening services. This protects the plate from cutting stresses which can prematurely cause a blade to loose tension or bend during cutting which can result in maintained bills for both the blade and the machine. Freud service shop partners further appreciate the fact that there is a significant reduction in cleaning the blades after use which speeds up their ability to service the blades making them look new well into several sharpenings and much more efficient in the process.“The number one reason saw blades lose life is heat abrasion, which results in carbide stress and eventual breakdown. By coating the entire cutting surface, the blade plate and the carbide are completely protected from their number one enemy – heat,” affirms Greg Neer, Director of New Product Development – Commercial-Industrial Cutting Tools.

“The ability to impact the wood manufacturing market in a great way is the key. There are many good products offered today that increase efficiency for smaller market segments and this is good. However, the largest market segment of saw blades has been virtually ignored in regards to innovation over the last 15 years. Hence the introduction of Silver I.C.E.™, which is far superior to any standard polished blade on the market available today,” adds Neer. Freud believes so heavily in the technology and the future of coatings for the manufacturing of wood, composite and non-ferrous metals that the Silver I.C.E.™ Coating is used exclusively by Freud as a universal coating for their entire line of Commercial-Industrial saw blades.

Freud’s Silver I.C.E™ Coating:

  • Eliminates Body Corrosion – prolonging the life of the tool from breakdown.
  • Provides Thermal Barrier Protection – reducing the heat by half advances the carbide life by two times and prevents the blade from warping, heat spots or premature failure.
  • Eliminates Pitch Buildup – by eliminating pitch the tool no longer has drag which is detrimental to the performance of the blade and harms the machine in added stress on the arbor and energy used.
  • Gives Polished Appearance – the latest advancement in a polished appearance allows the blade to last longer free from labor of cleaning and polishing, it also is impervious to the elements when in storage.


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