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Custom Insert Tooling

Insert tooling is fast becoming one of the best products a woodworker can buy for today's materials and high demand applications. Between its extended run times and the ability to keep running even through tool changes it is the premium tooling system. With available options for multi-profile, dedicated profile, and straight profile you can use insert tooling for just about any application.

Extended tool life in manmade materials is one of the benefits that brings many woodworkers to insert tooling. The tool life increase is due to the higher grade carbides that insert tools are made from. These grades are made with finer grain structured carbides that are harder than the standard grades used for the typical brazed cutting tools. Some of the best applications for these harder carbides include man-made materials, exotic hardwoods, and long run applications.

The ability of the user to change inserts in their tooling is the other great advantage. This saves the typical user from having to have multiple sets of the same tooling just to make it between sharpening's. The user simply replaces a dull set of carbide knives with a new set and continues running, many times with out changing the setup. The dull inserts can be sharpened for some profiles and on others they are simply thrown out or recycled.

The greatest advantage of insert tooling is its ability to maintain the exact same profile throughout its entire life. Since the inserts are CNC ground to the same program and the majority of the time they are not sharpened the profiles are never changed. A typical brazed cutter is sharpened 6 to 7 times and the profile changes with each sharpening due to the cutting clearances.

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Insert knife heads.

Custom inserts and insert backer plates.


Please email all custom tooling requests to the email address below. Attach any reference information such as drawings, sketches, tracings, or images to your email to expedite the quoting process. The more information you can give us regarding your tooling needs the better we can quote your request. Also include your company or personal information in your email so that we can contact you with your requested quote.



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